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the moscow-based contemporary dance company kinetic is an independent artistic association based on doubts, assumptions and convictions.
doubts - is it necessary to keep alive the aesthetics of dance when as a form it traditionally ignores the contrasts and suffering of contemporary life?
assumptions - can we once again work in opposition, through experiment and searching, as they did in the beginning of the century, when the concept of dance changed radically?
convictions - we will go on practically defining contemporary choreography in spite of the indifference of official cultural institutions and contrary to the inert monopoly of classical ballet.
kinetic strives to introduce dance to the new artistic circumstances of the post-soviet era and to communicate through the 'voice' of movement interlinked with contemporary literature, music and theatre. since 1994 the idea of seeking for new theatrical and aesthetic principles has stimulated 18 productions of the company. many of them have been performed at festivals in russia and abroad. our artistic priorities include the development of alternative approaches to the energy of movements, sound, words, texts, contacts and so on. the collision or merging of different aspects, such as text, sound, movement or action, don't serve as expectations of rational explanation. more likely those aspects form provocative medium, where the pure abstraction of dance dissolves in our everyday experiencies. the clash between the everyday banality of the human body and it's poetic expression is a constant source of themes and moods in the works of kinetic.
KINETIC from 1994 to 2003
APPARATUS starting 2004
"doors", new work, premier april, tallinn 2005;
the bessies: choreographer/creator award to sasha pepelyaev and peeter jalakas - the swan lake at dance theater workshop; 2003-2004 New York Dance and Performance Awards Commitee
"mixed dubles" at the festival "tseh", moscow, russia: 1,2.12;
"swan lake", pepelyaev&jalakas: 18,20,21.09 Lion, France;
"mixed dubles" tallinn, estonia: 19,20.10;
"swan lake", pepelyaev&jalakas: reviews;
dance agency tseh: news at the tseh web site;