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sasha (alexander) pepelyaev - independent moscow based director and choreographer. his first steps in theatrical arts were made while still in secondary school, where he attended drama classes. while studying chemistry at moscow university, he started learn pantomime and spent all his free time in the studio - learning, performing, improvising and directing. after graduating from university he continued his theatrical career in the taganka theater and moscow concert agency as a mime soloist.
in 1984 he became an artistic director at the mime studio of moscow state university. the studio transformed into one of the first independent theater-studios in moscow in 1987, during the beginning of perestroika. the company was called "poor yorik". during this time sasha entered the state institute of theatrical arts, where he studied drama for four years.
in 1990, after closing down the "poor yorik", he worked successively as a director and choreographer in a circus, on tv, and in drama theaters in moscow and abroad. in that period he also visit west europe, takes different dance classes in amsterdam and participates in various theater dance projects.
in 1994 he started the project called "the kinetic theater" in moscow, which led to the creation and performance of a string of experimental works. the project eventually became an intensive search focused on the definition of russian contemporary dance. since the winter of 1995/96 the idea of combining of postmodern russian texts, contemporary dance and traditional russian dramatic style continues in the company's productions.
sasha pepelyaev

photo: e.laur
sasha pepelyaev has gathered in his works many talented actors, dancers and musicians from moscow, russia and abroad. the different works have been presented at numerous festivals, broadcasted on domestic and international television.
since 1998 sasha pepelyaev intensevely teaches and gives workshops at different dance centres:
contemporary art center, ekaterinburg, russia;
european dance development centre, arnhem, the netherlands;
university college of dance, stockholm young dance company, copenhagen;
summer courses in estonia;
the theatre academy of finland, departement of dance;
moscow summer school;
tanzmesse, dusseldorf, germany;
international dance theater workshop, go down art center, nairoby, kenia;
the theatre academy of finland, departement of theater;
american dance festival, raleigh, nc, usa
estonian music academy, tallinn, estonia.
since 2001 mr. pepelyaev is artistic director of tseh festival of contemporary russian dance theater in moscow.

TV singers shows in moscow circus 1990;
vladimir chekasin's jazz performances moscow, vilnius, riga, minsk 1994;
choreography in drama plays:
"the murder of gonzago" maly theater, moscow 1991;
"the comical theater" gogol theater, moscow 1992;
"the suit for the summer hotel" gogol theater, moscow 1993;
"red devil's sign" gogol theater, moscow 1994;
"ship of fools""azart" street theater agency, amsterdam 1994; (including performing the show as an actor and dancer more than 60 times in the netherlands, germany, france and switzerland);
"night awakening" "chelovek" theater-studio, moscow 1995;
"merry wives from windsor" "sovremennik" theater, moscow 1995;
"praising foolishness" "azart" street theater agency, amsterdam 1995;
choreography in drama plays:

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"sweet dear sheba" gogol theater, moscow 1996;
"the prayer" theater-studio, moscow 1996;
"half mixed with love" russian drama theater, ufa, bashkiria 1996;
"two on the bench" rysski teatre, frankfurt am main, germany 1996;
"britanic" theater of russian army, moscow 1997;
"the benefit in italian style" gogol theater, moscow 1997;
"snow white" russian drama theater, ufa, bashkiria 1997;
"black horse" russian drama theater, ufa, bashkiria 1998;
"daxophonia" and "miraje" duets for soloists of bashkirian opera ballet theater 2000;
"shantekler" "satirikon" drama theatre, moscow, 2001
"the violators of disorders"
contemporary art center, ekaterinburg;
premiere: january 1998;
"the kazott's divination"
russian drama theater in ufa (bashkortostan). premiere - 22 june 1998;
based on dmitry prigov's play "the black dog";
von krahli thatre, tallinn, estonia
premiere: december 1998
contemporary art center, ekaterinburg
premiere: march 2000
"rule number one - "never!"
european dance development centre (arnhem, the netherlands)
premiere: april 2000
dance piece for two dancers, voice artist and few mechanical birds
"dansstationen", malmo, sweden
premiere: september 2000
"different heads"
young dance company, copenhagen
premiere: december 2000
head down flyer
aurinkobaletti , turku, finland
premiere: may 2001
contemporary art center, ekaterinburg
premiere: july 2001
direction and choreography, other theatres

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the fall of holy milk box tower
theater academy helsinki, finland 2001
fog dwellers
american dance festival, north carolina, usa
premiere: july 2002
swan lake
coproduction of tseh festival (moscow) and von krahli thatre, tallinn, estonia
premiere: january 2003
2 be container
theater academy helsinki, finland, 2001
premiere: march 2003
la soiree
aurinkobaletti , turku, finland
premiere: may 2003
3 3i3ter3
estonian music academy , tallinn, estonia, april 2004
"school for fools" (6 versions) 1993-1996
text: sasha sokolov, music: klaas ten holt, russian town songs
"time is running" 1994
text: lev rubinstein; music: alexander luchkov
"zamza dances" 1994
text: f. kafka, "methamorphosis" music: vitaly galutva
"tea for two" 1995
text: d m. prigov's poetry music: i. s. bach;
"from thursday to friday" 1995
text: lev rubinstein; music: b.kovach, aphex twin
"that's me" 1996
text: lev rubinstein;
"hoffmann, hoffmann" 1996
text: e. t. a. hoffmann music: e. t. a. hoffmann, "sigullum" costumes: a.kryuchkova
"list of Illusions" 1996
text: sasha sokolov "the school for fools" music: alexey aigi
"mouth-silence" 1997
text: victor erofeev music: sergey letov, "drumming birds"
direction and choreography, kinetic

photo: u.hoffman

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"the view of russian grave from germany" 1997
text: dm. prigov music: "ņircus de soleil", antonio nobrega, robin nolan, rene dupere
"zum zum zum" 1997 and 1998.
text: lev rubinstein, music: "bely ostrog"
"one second hand" 1999
co production of hamburg zommertheater festival, aarhus festival, dansescenen (copenhagen) and kultur kapital (estonia) text: lev rubinstein, alan robe griell music: alexey aigi
"qu'est - ce qu'une ulve?" 1999
text: fragment from sasha sokolov's "palisandria" music: h. salinas, h.duran, p. comelade, capua
"not there" 2000
co production of kinetic theater, tanzhaus nrw, eddc (arnhem, holland), sponsored by "simens"; text: fragments from "incidences" by daniil kharms. music: i. s. bach
"ichbinbeidir" 2001, 2002
music: traditional, membranoids (kaliningrad, russia), s.zagniy text: Daniil Harms
"there, where jasmine never stops blossoming… " 2001
music: "Huun-Huur-Tu", E.Sklyarov, P.Leschenko, E.Rangel
"the nest of chooe" 2002 2002
music:"auktsyon"; mix: sasha pepelyaev
"nails" 2003
"mixed doubles" 2004
Co production of TSEH festival (Moscow) and ADF (USA) 2004
I Prize for directing and performing of "Zamza Dances" "New movement" festival in Volgograd (Russia) 1994
Two III Prizes for choreographies of "From Thursday to Friday" and "List of illusions", International competition of modern choreography in Vitebsk (Belorussia) 1996
Special critic's Award "Innovation" for choreography of "ZumZumZum" International competition of modern choreography in Vitebsk (Belorussia) 1997
Prix d'Auteur for choreography of "The View of Russian Grave from Germany" Rencontres Choregraphique Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (France) 1998
III Prize for choreography of "QU'EST - CE QU'UNE ULVE ?", XII International competition of modern choreography in Vitebsk (Belorussia) 1999

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Award for the best modern choreography - duet "Daxophonia" at ARABESQUE ballet competition (Perm, Russia) 2000
Theatrefestival DRAAMA 2003 (Estonia):nomination for enlargening borders of/in theatre 2003
The Annual Prize of Theatre 2003 (Estonia)2003
Philip Morris's Dance Prize (Estonia) 2003 The Performer of the Year 2003
THE BESSIES "choreographer/creator award to sasha pepelyaev and peeter jalakas for fearlessly reanimating ballet's sacred swan; for creating a gritty tinker toy setting where banal objects are using in inspiring ways; for courages dance riffs that explode between moments of absurdist theater in THE SWAN LAKE at DANCE THEATER WORKSHOP" 2003-2004 New York Dance and Performance Awards Commitee
"extremely wide variety of styles"- "ballet" magasin, nov-dec 97 issue.

"at full bycicle speed" amsterdam dutch documentary based on "school for fools" - english version, film makers: katarina rejger, hans flupsen 1995
"contours" - "the culture" tv channel, moscow, video version of "from thursday to friday" film maker: valery samoilov 1996
"qu'est - ce qu'une ulve?" film of estonian tv 2001

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