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premiere: march, 2004;
duration: 45 min;
concept, direction, set: sasha pepelyaev;
choreography: sasha pepelyaev;
light: gleb velichko;
mix: sasha pepelyaev;
video: olga tsvetkova;
dancers: tatiana gordeeva, daria buzovkina, olga zvetkova, taras burnashev, ilya shaburov, stanislav shmelin;
in cooproduction with dance american festival, durhem, usa and dance agency "tseh", moscow.
mixed doubles

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one person plays football, another - chess, someone else plays roulette or ... on stage. normally the rules of the game are not known. but how to find out what game you are particularly in at this particular time. should the queen be captured by the knight if the king is poisoned by gertrude. should penalty be appointed if red comes out five times and juliet is pale and motionless.
the characters of the mixed doubles ignore these questions. related to different performances taking place at the same time they dance in extremely nonlinear time. their chance to rescue depends on the speed of their reaction to the situations they bump into. will they eventually get to the play, the one they are dreaming of, or will stay in distorted reality of parallel narratives - this is the question to be answered in the course of mixed doubles.
von krahl theatre production co-producers tseh festival (moscow) and kanuti gildi saal (tallinn, estonia); with support of tallinn city council, cultural endowment of estonia, ford foundation, russia;
premiere: jan, 2003 ;
duration: 90 min;
concept, direction, video: peeter jalakas;
concept, direction, set, choreography: sasha pepelyaev;
solos made and performed by: tatiana gordeeva, daria buzovkina;
music: sergey zagny and p.i.tchaikovsky;
music performed by: nyyd ensemble;
costumes: reet ulfsak;
actors: von krahl theater: liina vahtrik, tiina tauraite, erki laur, juhan ulfsak, taavi eelmaa
dancers: talinn, estonia: triin lilleorg, kart tonisson, anna-liisa lepasepp; kinetic, moscow: tatiana gordeeva, daria buzovkina, olga tsvetkova;
technical crew: kalle tikas, lauri sepp, taavo tiko, enar tarmo, anne-mai heimola
swan lake

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premiere: sep, 2003;
duration: 75 min;
choreography and direction:sasha pepelyaev;
video designer: andrey klimenko;
costume designer: Reet Ulfsak (Estonia);
costumes: Larisa Letushkina;
light:Gleb Velichko;
dancers: Tatiana Gordeeva, Darya Buzovkina, Olga Tsvetkova, Svetlana Kim, Ylia Shaburov, Stanislav Smelin;
producer: Elena Tupyseva

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